For the manufacturing and assembly of automobiles, Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) and Kia Corporation, of South Korea, have engaged in a Technology License Agreement (TLA).

The PSX was notified that DFML and KIA Corporation had signed a Technology License Agreement (TLA). While it would take some time until they start making Kia automobiles in Pakistan, it is anticipated that their lineup will be very different from LMC’s.

In the past, LMCL has made clear that it wants to increase the size of its activities in Pakistan. 

Due to its excellent brand value, the carmaker has maintained stable sales in Pakistan despite recent price increases and manufacturing reductions.

Although there is little information regarding DFML’s partnership with Kia Motor Corp., it would be intriguing to observe whether and how the Korean automaker maintains its presence in Pakistan.

More information will be provided in the ensuing weeks, according to Muhammad Hanif German, company secretary of Dewan Farooque Motors. 

He added, however:

“We will operate separately from them. Our vehicles will be different from theirs. We will have ours, and they will have theirs. We will have commercial vehicles and others as well in our portfolio.”

But which automobiles, exactly? Whether the corporation will go into the sedan category, pick the crossover SUV class, or choose hatchbacks. Different Media Sources informed that light commercial cars will be manufactured and put together which are expected to be Kia K2700 and Kia K2500.