The newest EV company in Italy, Aehra, has showcased its first vehicle at its Milan offices.
Although technical specifications have not yet been made public, it now goes by the straightforward moniker “SUV” and is equipped with a highly unique door technology. With the car you see here, Italian EV startup business Aehra hopes to outperform its many rivals in the crowded luxury SUV market.

While it is not the first SUV to have gullwing doors, the Aehra SUV is the first to have both gullwing and butterfly doors for the time being. The admission and egress of this type, which has both scissor and gullwing doors, is undoubtedly a unique feature. The sharply sloped windscreen integrates into the roof, which then sweeps rearward for a fastback feel. The mirrors are inspired by racing motorbikes.

With a “courageous approach,” according to Aehra Chief Design Officer Filippo Perini, the body essentially finishes at the 118-inch wheelbase of the SUV.
Perini formerly held the position of head designer at Lamborghini, which undoubtedly explains the unique design.

A hint of Porsche may be seen on the sideline with the startlingly front-forward greenhouse, and some viewers might even associate cars from Zuffenhausen with the rear.
But the Aehra also has its own distinctive design elements.

Naturally, the sleek design is equally concerned with aerodynamic effectiveness and aesthetics. Although the SUV has active aero components at the front and back to maximize performance, efficiency, and safety, the exact efficiency is yet unclear. Information on power and range will be released later.
The final Aehra “SUV” will have cutting-edge sustainable materials and cutting-edge electric technology, according to Aehra creator and CEO Hazim Nada. It will also rely on smart manufacturing technologies and an all-Italian design. So, regardless of the technological intricacies, the design already provides a sneak peek of what is to come. A new electric car, which will debut in February 2023 along with the SUV, is also being prepared. If nothing goes wrong