The AMB 001 Pro is a brand-new track-only hyperbike created by the British manufacturer in collaboration with Brough Superior. The brand’s newest two-wheeler provides a huge performance improvement over its predecessor and draws inspiration once more from the Valkyrie hypercar.

At the Milan Motorcycle Show in 2019, Aston Martin and Brough Superior collaborated to introduce the AMG 001, a track bike with a small production run. The AMB 001 Pro, a more powerful follow-up to the original, was unveiled by the two when they returned to the show this year. It also has a few other design modifications that enhance its functionality.

A superbike designed just for the track. It now has 225 horsepower  (165 kilowatts)  thanks to a 25%  boost in production from Aston Martin and Brough Superior. The bike now has a power-to-weight ratio of 1.28 horsepower per kilogram, which is comparable to a Formula 1 car. The new 997-cc engine of the AMB 001 Pro is made of solid billet aluminum, increasing structural rigidity. The engine’s cooling capacities are enhanced by new wet cylinder liners.

Although the two bikes appear to be relatively identical, the aerodynamics have been improved. This time, the brand-new nose cowl is joined to the body. Air enters the big intake, travels through the cowl, and is then redirected over the rider by the windscreen as you move through the air. Additional features include side wings, an updated front spoiler, and aero stabilizers that boost downforce. the only racing-style livery that will be offered on the has accents in black, carbon fiber, and verdant jade.

The bike will only be available from Aston Martin in one configuration, with a race livery that mixes the bike’s Verdant Jade color with satin-finished carbon fiber, a black engine, and black suspension parts. Additionally, a 99.7% lighter version of the automaker’s lacewing badge than its enamel counterpart will be included. The nose cowl and tank of the bike will be covered by it, which is 30% thinner than a human hair. The lightweight insignia Aston created for the Valkyrie served as inspiration for the new bike.

Knowing how much Aston Martin charges for its four-wheeled cars will help you understand why the AMB 001 Pro is anticipated to cost a lot, especially given that only 88 of them will be produced (12 fewer than its predecessor). Although a definite price has not yet been disclosed, it is anticipated to cost around $120,000 more than the AMB 001 did. Both hypercars and hyperbikes are expensive.