To tackle the rising pollution levels in Lahore, the Punjab government is considering a ban on cars and other vehicles older than 30 years.

Under the direction of Environment Protection Minister Raja Basharat, the idea was discussed during a meeting of the Environment Protection Council. The council promised to bring Punjab’s environmental protection strategy into compliance with world standards. A reforestation drive and the introduction of car-free days and zones in Lahore were also suggested during the conference as ways to mitigate climate change. The suggestion to outlaw vehicles older than 30 years in Lahore from October through December of the next year was also included.

At this time, Raja Basharat said that even though the smog is less this year than it was during the same time last year, the disaster may worsen in the years to come. Before this, Lahore High Court also raised grave worries about the worsening health hazards and the provincial administration’s failure to head off the current catastrophe. If the problem remains, the school would have to be shuttered for at least three days, according to Justice Shahid, who noted that the situation is getting worse by the day. It is important to note that according to IQAir, Lahore is one of the most polluted cities in the world, with an Air Quality Index (AQI) of above 300 the majority of the time from October to December.