The government of Punjab has launched a paperless driving license system that allows citizens to apply for their driving license using their CNIC. Previously, the process of obtaining a driving license in Punjab was complex and required multiple certificates and documents, leading citizens to approach agents who charged extra amounts to obtain licenses.

With the new paperless system, citizens can now apply for a driving license without any hassle and third-party involvement. Citizens with valid ID cards and domiciles can now obtain a driving license from the provincial capital. The new system has eliminated the ‘file system’ that restricted people from visiting the center and requires only national identity cards and passports for international driving licenses.

To make the whole procedure more transparent, the video recording of each driving test will be made a part of the police record. Punjab’s top cop has directed all in-charges of centers to tweak the rules of driving tests, added more counters at centers, and increased officers to avoid haste.

This process is efficient and caters to all the citizens of Punjab. More than 2.5 crore people in Punjab own vehicles, but only 45 lac people have a driving license. In Lahore alone, around 75 lac vehicles have been registered, but only 7-8 lac people have their driving licenses.

Now citizens can get their driving license from the nearest Khidmat Markaz. In major cities, this facility is available 24/7, while in smaller cities, it is available in two shifts. The driving license facility is available for 6 days in small cities, and the Khidmat Markaz will be taking driving tests on Saturday night and Sunday morning as well.

The IG Police Punjab has simplified the process to make it easy for citizens to get their driving licenses without any reference or bribes. To encourage citizens, the new system has eliminated the need for multiple certificates and documents, and citizens can take the driving test in their own vehicle or the police-designated vehicle.