Honda, the Japanese automaker, is working on its own EV platforms, despite currently relying on General Motors for its upcoming electric SUV, the 2024 Prologue, which uses GM’s Ultium battery platform. Honda has now announced that a second electric model using its own proprietary platform will be launched in North America in 2025. This new electric vehicle will be described as a mid-to-large size EV, using Honda’s new electric platform, called e: Architecture.

Although Honda hasn’t yet released any images or illustrations of this upcoming model’s design, it’s likely to be an SUV, possibly even a three-row crossover, positioned above the two-row, five-seat Prologue. Honda’s new electric platform may also be shared globally, even though the new e: Architecture-based model will initially be launched for the North American market.

The Prologue and its Acura sibling, the ZDX, will be sold alongside this new Honda-developed model for some time. Honda’s partnership with GM won’t be a temporary measure, as the two automakers have already announced plans for further collaboration on a “new series” of electric compact SUVs that will be sold in the US starting in 2027. Honda has also promised two electric sports cars, although it hasn’t provided a timeline for their launch.

Honda’s EV plans are in line with its aim to sell only electric and fuel-cell vehicles by 2040. The company’s interim targets for North America are for electric vehicles to constitute 40 percent of Honda’s sales by 2030, 80 percent by 2035, and 100 percent by 2040.