The Punjab Government recently raised transportation fees by up to 267% for non-AC inter and intra-city buses. The news has left citizens worried and frustrated about their already high cost of living. The increase in fares could leave people with limited access to basic transportation.

The new fares took effect on April 25, which is amidst soaring inflation. The impact of inflation on citizens means that traveling may become difficult and unaffordable.

Bus fares between different cities will increase by 265%, and those within the city will see a 267% hike. For instance, the current fare for a four-kilometer journey is Rs. 14, which will now rise to Rs. 47 after an increase of Rs. 33.

The surge in fuel prices has prompted many people to switch from private transportation, such as cars and bikes, to public transportation. However, this drastic hike in fares may force people to opt for walking or cycling to their destinations.

In summary, the Punjab government’s decision to increase transport fares significantly has caused widespread concern among the public, already facing the burden of rising living costs, while also leaving them with limited options for transportation.