The Central Business District (CBD) Punjab has recently implemented the ‘Blue Road’ concept in Lahore, aiming to modernize the city’s infrastructure and enhance the residents’ quality of life. According to officials, this road project is the first of its kind not only in Pakistan but also in Asia.

Blue Roads offer an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional asphalt roads. This technology employs heat observation and energy-saving features to minimize pollution and improve the environment. The CEO of CBD Punjab, Imran Amin, expressed his excitement about the development and stated that this concept has already been successfully executed in European and Middle Eastern countries such as Netherlands, France, and Qatar. He added that the project would contribute to their vision of creating a modern, sustainable, and inclusive society in Punjab.

These innovative roads have a specialized coating that repels sunlight and minimizes heat soaking. The reflective coating also enhances driver visibility at night, thus improving road safety. Amin further added that CBD Punjab is committed to undertaking projects that will enhance the residents’ quality of life, and the ‘Blue Road’ concept is just one of many such initiatives.