Fisker has recently announced a new partnership with Ample, a battery-swapping technology provider, to produce Ample-powered electric vehicles (EVs). This collaboration is a crucial component of Fisker’s long-term strategy, as it will help the company expand the reach and adoption of its EVs in the United States and Europe. By incorporating Ample’s technology, Fisker can broaden the use cases for its vehicles and support new applications for fleet customers. The partnership aims to release the first Fisker Ocean SUVs with swappable batteries by Q1 2024, assisting fleet operators in transitioning to electric mobility. Fisker and Ample will share revenue generated by the battery-swapping system.

Swappable batteries offer a new range of attractive fleet options for businesses, such as police, taxi, and food delivery companies. Instead of waiting for charging, fleet operators can simply swap out the EV’s batteries, providing a more efficient and convenient solution. Henrik Fisker, the CEO of Fisker, had previously discussed with the Chief of Police in Manhattan Beach, CA, the development of the perfect police cruiser with new technology.

The partnership with Ample will enable Fisker to offer affordable battery-swapping systems and bring innovation to the Fisker Ocean. Fisker plans to use this technology in other vehicles it intends to launch in the future, such as the Fisker PEAR, which supports various use cases.

Fisker is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of businesses and fleets through fully electric, zero-emission vehicles. Fisker’s vehicles use groundbreaking technology to facilitate seamless connectivity between businesses and their fleets. This partnership with Ample will assist Fisker in making the Fisker Ocean available to a broader segment of business customers, advancing the company’s goal of increasing the number of electric vehicles on the road. The initial target customer for Fisker’s Ample-powered EVs will be fleet operators seeking to transition to electric mobility without compromising economics or operations.

Battery-swapping technology provides energy delivery as quickly as gasoline at a lower cost per mile, making it an attractive option for companies looking to transition to electric vehicles. This technology is particularly relevant for high-mileage drivers, such as those in the ride-hailing industry. The joint development between Ample and Fisker is currently underway, and they plan to release battery-swappable Fisker Ocean vehicles by Q1 2024. With this announcement, fleet operators can now look forward to a combination of award-winning design and affordability in the Fisker Ocean, powered by the latest battery technology, without range or charging anxiety.