Abu Dhabi Police has introduced an innovative traffic notification system aimed at enhancing road safety within the emirate. The newly implemented system employs a variety of colored lights strategically positioned along the city roads to effectively communicate potential hazards and adverse weather conditions to drivers.

Through a captivating video available on the Abu Dhabi Media website, it is demonstrated that the system utilizes a combination of blue and red lights flashing simultaneously to indicate traffic-related incidents. Conversely, a vibrant yellow light is used to warn drivers of unfavorable weather conditions such as fog, dust, or rain.

What sets this system apart is its remarkable visibility. The warning lights are discernible from an impressive distance of up to 200 meters, ensuring that drivers receive timely notifications and can adjust their driving accordingly. Moreover, the system operates on renewable solar energy and is equipped with built-in batteries, ensuring its consistent functionality and sustainability.

In addition to the traffic alert system, Abu Dhabi has recently implemented new regulations pertaining to speed limits on specific sections of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road. Motorists are now required to drive at a speed lower than 120 km/h on these designated areas. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in a fine of AED 400.

While the standard speed limit on this significant road connecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai remains set at 140 km/h, it is important to note that heavy vehicles utilizing specific lanes are exempt from the minimum speed rule, as confirmed by the local police.

Overall, these proactive measures taken by the Abu Dhabi Police signify their commitment to prioritizing road safety and ensuring the well-being of motorists within the emirate. By leveraging innovative technologies and implementing strict regulations, Abu Dhabi is fostering an environment that promotes safer and more responsible driving practices.