The Excise and Taxation department in Islamabad has introduced a new measure that brings relief to automobile owners in the city. According to the announcement, vehicle owners will no longer be required to bring their vehicles to the federal capital for physical inspection when transferring ownership.

Bilal Azam, the Director of Excise and Taxation in Islamabad, revealed that the physical inspection of vehicles registered in Islamabad can now be conducted in four cities in Punjab: Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, and Faisalabad. This expansion allows Islamabad car owners residing in these cities to conveniently complete the inspection process without having to travel to the capital.

Furthermore, the service will also be extended to vehicle owners in Karachi and Quetta, enabling them to undergo the required physical inspection in their respective cities instead of making the journey to Islamabad.

This initiative aims to streamline the transfer process for vehicle owners, making it more convenient and accessible by offering inspection facilities in multiple locations across the country.