After numerous reports and spy shots, the interior of Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck has remained largely under wraps. However, a recent leaked image from a Tesla shareholder meeting held in Texas has finally given us a glimpse of what the interior looks like, almost four years after CEO Elon Musk unveiled the vehicle.

The leaked photo, which surfaced on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, provides a driver’s perspective of the interior. The most striking feature is the unique, nearly octagonal steering wheel, resembling a hybrid between a traditional round wheel and Tesla’s distinctive yoke-like tiller. Notably, there is no visible turn signal stalk behind the wheel, as Tesla has opted for capacitive buttons instead.

Similar to the Model 3 and Model Y, the Cybertruck lacks a conventional gauge cluster. This accentuates the large, unadorned dashboard, which stands out prominently. Given the Cybertruck’s unconventional design, the long and flat dashboard is not surprising, although it appears to lack inspiration.

As with other Tesla models, the majority of the truck’s controls are concentrated in the center touchscreen. This large horizontal display, combined with the steering wheel, breaks up the otherwise empty dashboard. Notably, there are no visible HVAC vents or charging outlets in sight.

The center console of the Cybertruck seems to follow the overall theme of the vehicle. The sliding cover for the console appears to mimic the tonneau cover for the truck bed. Initial reports suggested that the center console could fold up to create a third jump seat, although it is difficult to confirm this detail from the leaked images alone.