As the summer vacation draws near, the hill stations are preparing for a significant surge in tourist arrivals. To address the parking issues in Murree, the commissioner of the Rawalpindi Division, Liaquat Ali Chatha, has taken action by instructing the relevant authorities to provide a detailed report on the construction of two parking plazas.

In order to expedite the process, Commissioner Chatha has formed a committee consisting of representatives from the Program Monitoring Unit (PMU) and local government. Their primary task is to finalize the master plan for Murree as quickly as possible. A spokesperson confirmed that this directive was given after Commissioner Chatha presided over a meeting at his office to discuss the contingency plan for Murree.

To further progress the initiative, the Director of Development and Xen Building have been directed to visit Murree and present a comprehensive proposal for the construction of two parking plazas at suitable locations during the upcoming meeting.

Recognizing the imminent tourist season, Commissioner Chatha emphasizes the importance of addressing the parking challenges in Murree. The hill station and its surrounding areas are renowned for attracting a large number of visitors from across Pakistan. However, the lack of organized parking often leads to chaotic traffic congestion. In light of this, Commissioner Chatha has instructed the authorities to expedite their efforts in creating sufficient parking areas to facilitate both the local community and tourists.