The Swiss electric microcar Microlino has reached a significant milestone with the completion of its 1,000th vehicle at its factory in Turin, Italy.

While the two-seater Microlino electric microcar may not be suitable for accommodating a whole family or embarking on road trips, one thing that cannot be denied is its strikingly cool appearance. However, it’s important to note that the Microlino isn’t designed to fulfill those specific purposes. Instead, it aims to replace larger cars in urban settings by providing a capable and compact vehicle that optimizes space utilization.

With a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph) and a 12.5 kW (16.8 hp) motor, the Microlino may not be a powerhouse, but it is perfectly suited for various urban tasks that residents might require. Although the Microlino resembles a small four-wheeled electric car, it is officially classified as an L7e “heavy quadricycle” in Europe. This classification allows the Microlino to navigate regulatory requirements more efficiently and expedite its market entry.

The reduced regulatory constraints contribute to the Microlino’s compact size, lighter weight, and lower price point compared to full-size cars. This makes it an appealing option for urban commuters seeking an affordable electric vehicle that offers better protection from the elements than electric motorcycles or scooters.

Merlin Ouboter, the CEO and cofounder of Microlino, explained that the vehicle’s energy efficiency is significantly higher than conventional electric cars. Due to its reduced energy requirements for movement, the Microlino utilizes fewer battery cells per kilometer, resulting in a smaller energy footprint throughout production and usage. Despite its compact design, the Microlino maintains high-quality construction and components, making it the first vehicle in its category to feature steel and aluminum unibody construction, similar to full-size cars.

Distinguishing itself from larger vehicles, the Microlino incorporates a unique design element with a single forward-opening door, reminiscent of the iconic BMW Isetta bubble car. Priced at approximately €17,900, the Microlino falls within the range between electric motorcycles and electric cars, aligning with its specifications and positioning in the market.

With the increased production pace at the Italian factory, more customers eagerly anticipate receiving their long-awaited Microlinos, signaling a growing demand for this compact and environmentally friendly electric microcar.