Italy has a rich legacy of nurturing prestigious car manufacturers renowned for their globally recognized iconic vehicles. In 2022, AEHRA, a luxury car brand based in Milan, emerged with a distinct vision to create electric vehicles that embody the essence of Italian automotive heritage. As the country’s first electric car start-up, AEHRA sought to harmonize classic Italian automobile design with the burgeoning electric vehicle industry, delivering opulent and driver-centric vehicles.

To fulfill this mission, AEHRA assembled a formidable team, enlisting esteemed designers and engineers from prestigious automotive powerhouses like Lamborghini and Ferrari. Notably, Filippo Perini, renowned for his contributions to Lamborghini, assumed the role of head designer, while Franco Cimatti, a seasoned engineer with experience at Ferrari, took on the position of chief engineering officer.

AEHRA generated significant anticipation by teasing concepts for a luxurious electric sedan and SUV, captivating not only automotive enthusiasts but also attracting broader interest. Although the initial target release of these vehicles in 2025 has been revised to 2026, the excitement remains palpable as AEHRA prepares to unveil its highly anticipated luxury electric vehicle, aptly named The Sedan.

AEHRA’s flagship model, The Sedan, boasts a sleek and aerodynamic body design accentuated by its unique double-falcon doors. Equipped with a powerful electric drivetrain, it offers an impressive driving range of up to 800km (approximately 497 miles) on a single charge, enabling extended journeys without compromising on performance. With a top speed of 265 kmph (around 165 mph), The Sedan embodies a true sports car experience.

While sharing the same platform as the AEHRA SUV, The Sedan distinguishes itself with a distinctively sporty appearance. It sits lower than its SUV counterpart, optimizing aerodynamics and reducing drag. AEHRA has also integrated advanced thermal management technology, ensuring efficient cooling and optimal performance.

Inside the spacious cabin, drivers will find a cutting-edge yoke-style steering wheel, evoking a sense of sophistication and innovation. The infotainment system takes center stage with a expansive display that stretches along the entire dashboard, offering an immersive experience for both driver and passengers. The system is capable of extending even further, providing a wealth of information to the driver and a multitude of entertainment options for passengers.

As reported by Reuters, AEHRA has indicated that The Sedan will fall within the price range of $175,000 to $197,000. Although the release of both The Sedan and the AEHRA SUV has been delayed from the initial target of 2025, customers can anticipate deliveries commencing in 2026.