Mercedes-Benz, renowned for its luxury cars, is introducing an exciting test program in the United States to enhance the driving experience through the integration of ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. This program, set to begin on June 16, will make approximately 900,000 Mercedes vehicles equipped with the “MBUX” systems compatible with ChatGPT. Drivers can opt in to the program through the Mercedes app or via voice command, initiating an over-the-air download to enable the integration.

During a three-month testing period, Mercedes aims to observe how drivers utilize the ChatGPT technology and gather valuable insights. By incorporating ChatGPT into the vehicle system, Mercedes seeks to enhance the naturalness of the system’s responses and enable drivers to request information and answers to their queries. Whether it’s obtaining destination details or seeking dinner recipe suggestions, drivers will have a conversational companion in their vehicles.

The integration of ChatGPT marks a significant advancement in Mercedes’ efforts to provide advanced conversational capabilities in their vehicles, enhancing the overall user experience and making interactions with the car more intuitive and engaging.

The collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and OpenAI’s ChatGPT also presents an opportunity for Microsoft, which will provide a version of the chatbot through its cloud services. This collaboration showcases the increasing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the automotive industry.

Mercedes emphasizes that drivers will not only be able to give commands using the familiar phrase “Hey Mercedes,” but they will also have the ability to engage in conversations with their cars. Microsoft hints at the potential for ongoing integrations, known as plug-ins, which could enable drivers to perform various tasks from behind the wheel, such as making restaurant reservations or booking movie tickets.

Insights gained from the test program will play a crucial role in shaping Mercedes’ future plans for implementing AI and language models in other countries and languages. Voice data collected during interactions will be securely stored, anonymized, and analyzed within the Mercedes cloud infrastructure, prioritizing customer privacy and data protection.

General Motors (GM), a rival in the automotive industry, has also expressed interest in leveraging ChatGPT for their vehicles as part of their collaboration with Microsoft. This recognition underscores the value and potential offered by AI-powered conversational capabilities in the automotive sector.