Dubai, known for its commitment to ensuring road safety, has recently introduced a series of stringent penalties and heavy fines for traffic violators. These measures aim to enhance compliance with traffic rules and reduce violations within the city. The revised penalties, which came into effect on July 6, 2023, have been implemented through Decree No. 30 of 2023, issued by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

  • Impoundment Penalties:

    •  AED 50,000 Fine: Impounded vehicles in Dubai will now require a hefty penalty of AED 50,000 ($13,600) for their release. This applies to specific violations, including riding recreational motorcycles on paved roads, reckless driving posing a threat to people and property, jumping red lights, using fake license plates, intentionally hitting police vehicles, and driving under the age of 18.
    •  AED 100,000 Fine: Vehicles impounded for engaging in road races without permission from authorities will face an even higher penalty of AED 100,000 ($27,200) for their release.
  • Lesser Penalties:

    •  AED 10,000 Fine: Impounded vehicles found in violation of certain laws will be subject to a lesser fine of AED 10,000 ($2,720) for their release. These violations include modifications to increase speed or noise, evading the police, driving without license plates, and exceeding the permitted percentage of window tint.
  • Confiscation of Vehicle: 

Dubai’s traffic laws empower the Dubai Police to seize a vehicle if the accumulated traffic fines surpass AED 6,000 ($1,630). This measure aims to deter repeat offenders and promote greater adherence to traffic regulations.

  • Deportation of Non-Nationals:

 In an effort to ensure road safety and maintain order on the roads, expatriate drivers of heavy vehicles will face deportation if they are caught driving a heavy vehicle through a red light. This underscores Dubai’s commitment to enforcing traffic regulations and promoting responsible driving practices.

  • Conclusion:

Dubai’s implementation of strict traffic penalties and fines highlights the city’s unwavering commitment to ensuring road safety for its residents and visitors. The revised penalties, including the substantial fines and impoundment measures, aim to deter traffic violations and promote responsible driving behavior. By introducing these measures, Dubai continues to prioritize the well-being of its citizens and further enhances its reputation as a city that prioritizes safety and order on its roads.