SAIC Motor, the largest car manufacturer in China and the proud owner of the renowned MG brand, has recently unveiled its ambitious plans to construct its very first factory in Europe. This strategic move comes as a response to the remarkable surge in vehicle sales that SAIC has witnessed on the European continent. With a clear focus on producing electric vehicles, SAIC aims to capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. While the specific models to be manufactured at the European facility are yet to be finalized, a spokesperson from SAIC has confirmed that the iconic MG brand is under consideration.

The historical significance of the MG brand adds an extra layer of significance to SAIC’s decision. With roots dating back over a century, MG vehicles were originally manufactured in the United Kingdom until production operations were relocated to China in 2016. SAIC’s choice to establish a factory in Europe represents a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to expanding its presence in overseas markets. The exceptional performance of SAIC vehicles outside of China, which witnessed a remarkable 40% surge in sales during the first quarter of the year, was largely driven by the popularity of the MG brand in Europe. Notably, the number of MG cars sold on the continent more than doubled during this period, further emphasizing the brand’s growing appeal.

The forthcoming European factory is a significant milestone for SAIC, marking nearly seven years since MG assembly was discontinued at the Longbridge plant in Birmingham. In 2016, SAIC made the strategic decision to shift away from assembly operations in the UK, opting instead to import fully built units for distribution. The Longbridge plant, with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1906, holds a special place in the automotive industry, having produced notable vehicles like MG and the original Mini. Despite encountering various challenges throughout its existence, including economic downturns, strikes, mergers, and ownership changes, the Longbridge plant has demonstrated resilience and adaptability.

Since acquiring the MG brand, SAIC successfully relaunched assembly operations at the Longbridge plant in 2011 with the introduction of the MG6. Serving as the first MG car assembled at the site in 16 years, the MG6 represented a significant milestone for both SAIC and the Longbridge plant. While the design of the MG6 originated in the UK, its parts were manufactured in China, highlighting the collaborative nature of SAIC’s operations and its global vision. SAIC’s decision to establish a factory in Europe exemplifies the company’s growing market share and its ambition to expand its global footprint.

Chinese car manufacturers, including SAIC, Geely, and Great Wall, have experienced substantial growth in recent years, largely driven by increased exports and the rising demand for electric vehicles. The export figures from China for the first quarter of this year surpassed those of Japan, solidifying China’s position as the world’s largest exporter of cars. SAIC, with manufacturing facilities in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan in addition to its plants in China, has actively pursued joint ventures with major global automakers such as Volkswagen and General Motors. With a global sales figure of 5.3 million vehicles in 2022, SAIC has identified Europe as its largest overseas market, with over 100,000 vehicles sold in the region.

SAIC’s strategic decision to establish a factory in Europe underscores the company’s commitment to meeting the rising demand for electric vehicles and further expanding its presence in key markets. By leveraging its expertise, technological advancements, and market insights, SAIC aims to solidify its position as a prominent player in the global automotive industry.