According to recent reports, the administration in Lahore has introduced a new regulation called “no helmet, no petrol.” This rule mandates that individuals riding motorcycles must wear helmets in order to purchase petrol. The primary goal behind this decision is to prioritize the safety of motorcyclists and reduce the number of severe injuries resulting from road accidents caused by the absence of helmets.

The Deputy Commissioner of Lahore expressed concerns regarding the alarming rate of road accidents and the grave consequences faced by individuals who do not wear helmets. In response to these concerns, Chief Traffic Officer Mustansar Feroze took further action by imposing a prohibition on motorcyclists without helmets from accessing all roads. Over the course of the last six months, approximately 810,000 motorcyclists who failed to comply with the helmet requirement have faced consequences for their non-compliance.

The implementation of the “no helmet, no petrol” regulation underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to promoting safety on the roads and mitigating the risks associated with motorcycle accidents. By linking the purchase of petrol to the use of helmets, the authorities aim to instill a sense of responsibility among motorcyclists and foster a safer environment for all road users. This initiative serves as a reminder for individuals to prioritize their safety by wearing helmets, which can significantly reduce the severity of injuries in the event of an accident.