A worrisome development has recently come to light, revealing the involvement of government vehicles in drug smuggling activities. The discovery, highlighted in a report by City42, has shed light on the utilization of Lahore Electricity Supply Company (LESCO) vehicles in this illicit trade, prompting the company to launch a thorough investigation into the matter.

The investigation focuses on Assistant Manager Transport Tauseef, who is being scrutinized for his alleged involvement in smuggling substances using a government vehicle. The suspicions were further compounded by the revelation that the vehicle in question, which is registered under the name of LESCO with the Excise Department, had a private number attached to it. This irregularity has raised concerns and triggered a comprehensive inquiry into Tauseef’s actions.

In addition to Tauseef’s case, an inquiry has been initiated into other related incidents involving LESCO. One such case involves the provision of government vehicles to the former project director, Farid Mehboob, which has raised questions about the integrity of the vehicle allocation process within the company. Furthermore, there have been allegations of petrol smuggling that have been brought to the attention of LESCO.

To address these serious allegations and ensure a thorough investigation, LESCO Chief Shahid Haider has taken decisive action. He has established a committee to oversee the inquiry process, with the General Manager Technical at LESCO appointed as the head of the committee. The committee also comprises the Director of S and I as well as the Deputy Manager of Finance, who will serve as members. Their collective expertise and knowledge will be instrumental in unraveling the truth behind these concerning incidents and determining the appropriate course of action to address any wrongdoings.

It is imperative for LESCO to conduct a meticulous investigation into these allegations to uphold its reputation as a responsible and trustworthy government organization. The outcome of this investigation will not only determine the fate of those involved but also send a strong message that any form of misconduct, especially within the realm of drug smuggling, will not be tolerated.