Changan’s Qiyuan A07 EV: Driving Towards Trust and Innovation

Changan, a brand that was not well-known in Pakistan before, is now becoming popular and gaining trust not just in Pakistan but all over the world. Although some Pakistanis still think it might not be as good as Japanese brands like Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki, Changan’s reputation is getting better each year. One example of its progress is the recent launch of its new car in China.

The car is called the Qiyuan A07 electric vehicle (EV), and it’s now available in China. This car is a large sedan that comes in two versions – Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV). The most amazing thing about the all-electric version of the Qiyuan A07 is that it can travel up to 710 kilometers on just one charge. That’s quite impressive and shows that it’s an efficient car with a long driving range. The car also has a powerful engine that can produce up to 258 horsepower, which means it’s got good performance too.

Interestingly, Qiyuan is a new brand for Changan, specifically for their electric vehicles. Changan plans to launch more new energy vehicles (NEVs) under this brand in the future. This might seem a bit strange because Changan already has two other brands for NEVs – Deepal and Avatr. But Changan has big plans, and by 2025, Qiyuan will have five different versions of cars. Among these, the Changan Uni-V and Changan Lamore (Yida) have been rebranded as Qiyuan A05 and A06, respectively. The unique thing is that only the Qiyuan A07 has an all-electric version, making it stand out from the rest of the lineup.

When it comes to the design, the Qiyuan A07 looks neat and modern. It has a thin strip of LED lights running along the front, handles that can retract, large five-spoke alloy wheels, and a slanted roof that gives it a sleek and aerodynamic appearance. While some features make it look a bit similar to other electric car models like the BYD Han, Nio ET7, Rising F7, and Dayun Yuanhang Y6, it still has its own distinctive style.

Inside the Qiyuan A07, there are some cool features that add to its appeal. The Qiyuan logo is placed prominently in the center of the D-shaped two-spoke steering wheel, and interestingly, this logo is designed with binary code. The car’s center console has a floating 15-inch screen, and underneath it, there’s a middle tunnel with two wireless phone charging stations and cup holders. The interior also has a lovely wooden accent and microfiber trim on the roof and front pillars, making it feel elegant and comfortable.

Under the hood, the Qiyuan A07 and Deepal SL03 share the same platform called EPA1. The EREV version of the Qiyuan A07 has an 88-horsepower 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine, which acts as a range extender for the electric motor. For the all-electric version, buyers can choose from two electric motors – one with 218 horsepower and another with 258 horsepower. There are also two battery options available – one with a 58 kWh capacity and a range of 515 kilometers, and another with an 80 kWh capacity that can go as far as 710 kilometers on a single charge.

With all these great features, it’s no surprise that the Qiyuan A07 comes with a higher price tag of around Rs. 8 million. Despite the cost, it aims to compete with other electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 in terms of features, performance, and driving range.

As Changan continues to make progress in the global automotive market, the launch of the Qiyuan A07 shows their commitment to innovation and delivering high-quality electric vehicles. With its impressive driving range and advanced features, the Qiyuan A07 represents a big step forward for Changan in becoming a reliable and trusted EV brand not only in Pakistan but also in the rest of the world.