Beware of Deception: Criminal Gangs in Kacha Villages Lure Victims with Fake Car Ads

In the Kacha villages of South Punjab, Pakistan, there is a growing danger from criminal gangs. These gangs are using clever tricks to deceive innocent people from different parts of the country. They have been using fake car ads and honey traps to lure their victims to the Punjab-Sindh border, where they kidnap them and demand ransom.

One heartbreaking incident involved Arshad Mahmood, a taxi driver from Rawalpindi, who was kidnapped by a gang in Ubauro, Sindh. The gang tricked him with a cheap car ad on Facebook. Mahmood went to see the car in person, but once he reached the gang’s area, he lost all contact with his family. Later, it was found out that he had been kidnapped, and the criminals asked for a huge ransom. Sadly, Mahmood’s lifeless body was discovered near the border.

Another distressing case is when two employees of Pak Arab Refinery Company were kidnapped by the gang in Rajanpur. The authorities have not been able to rescue them yet.

The report shows that these gangs are most active in areas like Lund, Imrani, Shar, Mazari, Balachani, Lathani, Taighyani, Sikhani, Kosh, Kokani, Machhi, and Bannu. Despite the frequent crimes in these regions, the state and authorities seem slow to take action, leaving the local people at risk.

In Ghotki, a district in Pakistan, local traders are being targeted through fake ads on social media. The criminals pretend to sell tractors and vans at low prices, and when the buyers come to Ghotki, they get kidnapped.

The gangs’ tactics have changed over time. They used to trick people with fake marriage offers over the phone, but now they use honey traps on social media. They create fake profiles and pretend to be interested in romantic relationships with people from other provinces. Once the victims are emotionally involved, they get kidnapped.

The police face challenges in fighting these gangs, especially because of the difficult terrain and thick sugarcane fields where the criminals hide. However, they have been successful in rescuing some kidnapped traders in recent operations.

Sources say that the gangs buy weapons with the ransom money they get, often getting them from other regions like Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They are also seeking revenge for the killing of their leader.

While the police have rescued many traders, the gangs’ activities continue to be a major threat to the safety and security of the region. More efforts are needed to protect innocent people from falling victim to these deceptive tactics.