Green Energy Drive: Huazi Omega Mini EV Project Set to Transform Transportation

Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Pvt Ltd is about to reveal its very first electric vehicle (EV) in Islamabad next month. The main goal of this showcase is to create awareness and interest in the market for their upcoming EVs.

In a special interview with Gwadar Pro, Khalid Mehmood, the CEO of Huazi Green Energy Pvt Ltd and Alfalah EV Motors, shared some exciting details about the electric car. He emphasized that the vehicle can be easily charged at home, making it user-friendly and convenient for potential customers.

The company has ambitious plans, with the vehicle assembling plant and components expected to arrive from China in October, and manufacturing set to begin in November 2023. Khalid Mehmood also revealed the progress on their plans, saying, “The government has already approved the plot allocation for the vehicle manufacturing factory in Hattar Special Economic Zone, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We plan to start the booking process of EVs in January 2024.”

The project is divided into two phases. In the first phase, Huazi Green Energy Pvt Ltd will introduce two-door and four-door electric cars, targeting the middle and lower middle-class consumers. These electric vehicles will come equipped with lithium batteries and a warranty covering 100,000 kilometers or 4 years.

Looking ahead to the second phase, the company aims to launch mini pickups and two-wheeled motorcycles specially designed for women, catering to a wider audience with diverse needs.

One of the impressive features of the EV is its long range on a single charge. The two-door electric vehicle can travel up to 225 kilometers, while the four-door electric vehicle can cover up to 350 kilometers, providing practical and efficient solutions for daily commuting and longer trips.

The Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Pvt Ltd project is a significant $5 million joint venture, and the company plans to complete the full technology transfer within the next two to five years. They are confident that their EVs will not only cater to the domestic market but will also be exported to various countries and regions worldwide.

The electric vehicle showcased on the company’s website is called the Omega Mini EV, which was initially launched in China in October 2022. This right-hand-drive EV has garnered attention for its appealing design and features.

The Omega Mini EV has a modern and sleek appearance, featuring a closed fascia and distinctive circular headlights complemented by a series of round lights underneath. The interior sports a dual-tone grey color scheme, with a three-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel, a floating driver information display, and a 9-inch floating touchscreen system with Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities.

While the specific details for the right-hand-drive variant destined for Pakistan have not been officially disclosed, the Chinese version of the Omega EV offers two pure-electric cruising range options of 128km and 220km, powered by 10.24kWh and 18.43kWh battery packs, respectively. Additionally, the EV comes with a dual-motor four-wheel-drive system, producing a combined power of 24kW and a maximum speed of 100km/h.

Car enthusiasts and potential buyers can look forward to the official unveiling of the Huazi Omega EV in Islamabad next month. With its impressive features and eco-friendly technology, the EV is set to make a mark in the Pakistani market. As more details are revealed.