Lahore High Court Takes Bold Steps to Enhance Traffic Discipline and Urban Safety

In a significant ruling, a single bench of the Lahore High Court (LHC) has taken decisive measures to enhance traffic discipline and address several pressing issues in the city. Recognizing the need to instill a sense of responsibility among citizens, the bench ordered an increase in the number of fines for traffic offenses, aiming to act as a deterrent and promote adherence to traffic regulations. By imposing a higher penalty, the court expects that individuals will become more cautious and mindful while driving, ultimately leading to safer roads and reduced accidents.

In another crucial move, the court has directed traffic officers to intensify their crackdown on helmetless motorbike riders. The enforcement of helmet laws is crucial for safeguarding the lives of motorcyclists and reducing the risk of head injuries during accidents. By taking this action, the court seeks to protect citizens and create a safer environment for all road users.

Addressing the issue of accumulated rainwater in the CBD Underpass, Justice Karim summoned the legal team to find effective solutions. This move reflects the court’s commitment to ensuring proper urban infrastructure and preventing potential hazards caused by waterlogging during heavy rains. By addressing this concern, the court aims to enhance public safety and convenience for commuters.

During a recent hearing, the LHC bench made another significant decision by ordering the sealing of restaurants that do not provide dedicated parking facilities. This move is likely to have multiple benefits, such as reducing traffic congestion, ensuring smooth traffic flow, and promoting pedestrian safety. By holding restaurants accountable for providing adequate parking spaces, the court demonstrates its dedication to improving the overall urban experience and minimizing traffic-related issues.

Furthermore, the LHC issued directives to impound illegally parked vehicles across the provincial capital. This action comes as a response to a petition filed by citizen Haroon Farooq and others, aimed at combatting smog, which has been a persistent environmental concern in the region. By cracking down on illegal parking, the court endeavors to tackle one of the contributing factors to air pollution and further enhance the city’s environmental well-being.

In addition to these measures, the LHC has directed the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to take immediate action to halt unauthorized parking throughout the city, with a particular focus on service lanes. By curbing unauthorized parking, the court aims to create more orderly and safer streets, ensuring smooth traffic flow and convenience for residents and visitors alike.