Punjab Police Proposes Substantial Increase in Driving License Fees

The economic conditions in Pakistan have been affecting various aspects of daily life, leading to increasing prices of essential items, electricity, and petrol. Unfortunately, amidst these challenging circumstances, there is more concerning news for those planning to apply for a driving license.

The Punjab Police has put forward a bold proposal to implement a substantial increase in driving license fees, aiming to generate additional revenue and improve road safety measures. Recently, the Inspector General (IG) of Punjab forwarded a summary to the provincial government, seeking approval for the proposed fee hike across different license categories.

If the proposal is approved, significant changes will be witnessed in the fees for various types of licenses. For instance, the fee for obtaining a motorcycle driving license, currently set at Rs. 550, is proposed to surge by a staggering 263.64%, reaching Rs. 2,000. Similarly, the fee for an LTV (Light Transport Vehicle) license is set to become notably costlier, with a proposed increase of 321.05% – from Rs. 950 to Rs. 4,000. Aspiring to acquire a HTV (Heavy Transport Vehicle) license would also come with a significant cost as the fee is expected to soar from Rs. 450 to Rs. 4,000, reflecting an astounding percentage increase of 788.89%.

Not only domestic licenses but also the learner license fee is in line for a substantial adjustment. If approved, the fee for obtaining a learner license will rise from the current Rs. 60 to Rs. 500, showcasing an astonishing percentage change of 733.33%.

Moreover, the proposed fee hike will also apply to International Driving Licenses. If the proposal receives the green light, obtaining an International Driving License would require a fee of Rs. 4,000, representing a noteworthy percentage increase from the existing amount.

This proposed fee hike comes as a response to the economic challenges faced by the country and the need to bolster road safety measures. However, if implemented, it may pose financial burdens for individuals seeking to acquire driving licenses, especially for those aspiring to drive motorcycles or heavy vehicles. As the proposal awaits approval from the provincial government, citizens are closely watching for any updates on these significant changes in driving license fees.