Proton Pakistan, a big name in the car industry in our country, has some exciting news. They’ve come back to work after taking a break for 8 months. This break happened because the government had some tough rules, and the economy wasn’t doing well. But now, they’re back, and they want to be even better than before.

One great thing about their comeback is that they’re making the Proton Saga car again. A lot of people love this car because it’s not too expensive, has many cool features, and is really safe. You can buy it right now from Proton dealerships.

But Proton Pakistan is not stopping with just the Proton Saga. They’re also going to start making the Proton X70 again in October. This shows they want to keep making great cars and be a leader in the car world.

They also want to make customers really happy. They’ve opened 35 new stores in places like Lahore and Faisalabad. This means they want to give customers the best experience and be stronger in those areas. Some old stores decided to do other things instead.

This is good news for people in Lahore and Faisalabad. Proton Pakistan is known for good quality, so you can expect great service at these new places.

Proton Pakistan coming back is a big deal for Pakistan’s car world. It brings hope to an industry that had some tough times. The next few months will show how well they do.

In the end, Proton Pakistan coming back with the Proton Saga and the new Proton X70 shows they are strong and want to make good cars. They also want to give great service. With these changes, Proton Pakistan is ready to make a big impact on Pakistan’s car world, and everyone is excited to see how well they do.