In a recent technology show called GITEX 2023, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) introduced some really smart tech that uses artificial intelligence. This tech helps keep an eye on delivery bike riders in Dubai and see how well they are doing.

The main goal of this initiative by RTA is to make things safer for both delivery bike riders and everyone else on the roads in Dubai. RTA worked together with private companies to use high-tech tools to watch out for any mistakes delivery bike riders might be making. To make this happen, RTA put special cameras that work with artificial intelligence on a special vehicle.

RTA started this project in the second part of this year. Teams from RTA went out and checked 608 delivery bikes. They found 63 times when the bike riders weren’t following the rules. These mistakes included not wearing the right uniform, missing stickers on the side, not having the right reflective stickers, parking in places they shouldn’t, carrying someone else on the bike, and damaging the bike’s trunk.

Because of the help from artificial intelligence, RTA made the checking time much shorter. It used to take about 7.5 minutes, but now it only takes one minute. They also increased how many checks they could do in a day by five times. This was possible because they used a vehicle with artificial intelligence and smart cameras on different streets in Dubai. They even made a heat map to figure out where the bike riders usually gather and how risky those places are based on what happened before.