The Toyota Land Cruiser is going through some big changes lately. It used to be a large, fancy vehicle, but now it’s turning into a smaller truck with a four-cylinder engine and a stylish old-fashioned look. However, these changes are only happening in the United States. In other parts of the world, the Land Cruiser comes in various shapes and sizes.

Now, Toyota is introducing a new Land Cruiser called the Land Cruiser SE. What’s special about this one is that it’s the very first Land Cruiser that runs on electricity. Or, at least, we think it’s the first. Toyota didn’t give us a lot of information about it, and they made the announcement on a Friday night, which is a time when people often share important news they want a lot of people to see.

What we do know is that this Land Cruiser SE seems to be in the concept stage for now. It’s going to be an electric vehicle with a strong battery, and it can accommodate many passengers because it has three rows of seats. Toyota tells us that it’s exceptionally quiet when you drive it in the city or on regular roads. This suggests that it’s mainly designed for these places and not really for rugged off-road adventures.

Interestingly, it’s designed as a single, solid structure, which Toyota says makes it suitable for tougher terrains. But when you look at this vehicle, with its low clearance and small tires, it’s probably not built for serious off-roading. In terms of size, it’s about 202 inches long, 78 inches wide, and 67 inches tall. These dimensions are nearly the same as the Grand Highlander, which is a nice vehicle but not known for its off-road capabilities.

Toyota hasn’t shared many other details yet, such as how many electric motors it has, how powerful it is, or the size of the battery. However, to compete with something like the Rivian R1S, it will need to offer robust features and may come with a higher price tag. Even though we don’t have all the information yet, it has a tough and attractive appearance, making it likely to be popular. You’ll probably see more of them in urban areas or at schools than on challenging trails.