MG’s Exciting Sedan: The MG GT

MG, which stands for Morris Garages, has introduced a new car called the MG 5 sports sedan in Bangladesh. They showed it to everyone at their special store in Dhaka. This is a very important moment for the company in Bangladesh.

They also call this car the MG GT. It’s the first sedan car that MG is selling in Bangladesh. They already have some other cars like the HS, HS-PHEV, ZS crossovers, the ZS EV electric car, and the MG 3 hatchback.

The MG 5 has an engine with a size of 1,500cc. There are two types of this engine. The basic one has a regular engine that works with a special transmission. The better one has a faster engine that works with a special transmission too. The price of the MG 5 starts at BDT 36.0 lacs for the basic one and goes up to BDT 39.0 lacs for the best one.

At the launch event, the Executive Director of Rancon British Motors Limited, which is MG’s partner in Bangladesh, said, “The MG 5 is one of the most exciting sedans you can find. Whether you want to use it every day or go on a nice drive, this car is always ready to make you excited.”

The arrival of the MG 5 in Bangladesh shows how the company keeps growing and offering more choices for people who love cars. It’s a big step in their journey, and it means there are now more great cars to pick from in Bangladesh. So, if you’re looking for a cool new sedan, the MG 5 might be just what you need!