Rolls-Royce’s Special Gift from Owner’s family

Rolls-Royce and its team in Dubai are excited to present a unique car called The Pearl Cullinan. It was specially made to celebrate a special birthday and will be a gift from the owner’s family. This is the first custom Cullinan modified by Rolls-Royce’s new Private Office Dubai center, and they worked with local dealers on it.

The idea for The Pearl Cullinan started in early 2022 when a devoted Rolls-Royce customer wanted to make his father’s 90th birthday memorable. Rolls-Royce executives met with the father to learn about his life and interests, and this meeting inspired the whole project.

This luxury SUV is painted in a special Bespoke Pearl Rose color, inspired by the color of the owner’s favorite pearl. The color is exclusive to this car and has a lovely pink shade that makes it unique. Achieving this perfect color took a lot of work, with about 30 attempts and tests under different lights to make sure it looked just right, even in the Middle Eastern sun. They also tested it to make sure it can handle the heat and UV light.

To match the Pearl Rose color, there’s a single hand-painted line in Rose Gold, which also matches the rose gold-plated Spirit of Ecstasy emblem on the hood. This beautiful touch continues to the special door treadplates.

Inside The Pearl Cullinan, you’ll find a combination of two different leather colors. The front seats are in Cashmere Grey, where the birthday person likes to sit as a passenger. The rear seats are in Ardent Red, inspired by the color of material used for pearls. Even the wood veneer on the dashboard is designed to remind you of the wooden boxes used for pearls. There are special RR monograms in Rose Gold on the headrests and designs on the rear seats inspired by oyster shells.

The Cullinan is a car that often gets special editions, like The Pearl Cullinan. It’s a way to make the car unique and special. Last year, they even showed a special version with fashion-inspired colors at an event called Art Basel.