Hyundai Nishat Motor has great news to share. They’ve reduced the prices of their popular cars because the Pakistani Rupee has become stronger against the US Dollar. This is a sign of their dedication to customer satisfaction, transparency, and providing quality products at competitive prices. Despite economic uncertainty, they encourage customers to seize this opportunity and check out the new, lower prices for their favorite Hyundai models.

Hyundai Elantra Prices:

  • The Elantra 1.6 used to cost 6,599,000 PKR, but now it’s 6,399,000 PKR.
  • The Elantra 2.0 was 7,130,000 PKR, and now it’s 6,930,000 PKR.

Hyundai Tucson Prices:

  • The Tucson GLS used to be 7,365,000 PKR, and now it’s 7,165,000 PKR.
  • The Tucson GLS Sport used to cost 8,230,000 PKR, and now it’s 8,030,000 PKR.
  • The Tucson Ultimate was 8,859,000 PKR, and now it’s 8,659,000 PKR.

Hyundai Sonata Prices:

  • The Sonata 2.0 used to be 10,329,000 PKR, but now it’s 9,979,000 PKR.
  • The Sonata 2.5 was 11,280,000 PKR, and now it’s 10,930,000 PKR.

Hyundai Porter Prices:

  • The Porter High Deck used to cost 3,829,000 PKR, but now it’s 3,729,000 PKR.
  • The Porter Flat Deck was 3,809,000 PKR, and now it’s 3,709,000 PKR.
  • The Porter Deck Less used to be 3,789,000 PKR, but now it’s 3,689,000 PKR.
  • The Porter High Deck with AC used to cost 3,939,000 PKR, but now it’s 3,839,000 PKR.
  • The Porter Flat Deck with AC was 3,919,000 PKR, and now it’s 3,819,000 PKR.
  • The Porter Deck Less with AC used to be 3,899,000 PKR, but now it’s 3,799,000 PKR.

So, go ahead and enjoy these lower prices and find the Hyundai car that’s just right for you!