Auper’s InCity: The Future of Electric Bikes

Electric motorcycles are becoming popular in many places. Some are designed to be useful, practical, and affordable, but others focus on performance and fun. A good example is the InCity, an electric motorbike made by a company called Auper from Brazil, but they are based in Canada.

Auper’s goal is to make advanced electric motorcycles that more people can buy. The InCity is impressive because it’s safe, secure, and fast. It also looks really cool with its futuristic design.

The InCity has a special thing called the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) that helps keep it safe. This makes the bike reliable and not too expensive. Auper added a lot of security features to the InCity because motorcycles are often stolen in Brazil. They’ve made it so that thieves can’t use or sell stolen parts because everything is encrypted.

The motor in the InCity is designed to be powerful, yet it’s still good for the environment and doesn’t cost too much. It uses a special electric motor made by a company called Enedym Inc. Auper says the bike can go up to 150 kilometers per hour (94 miles an hour) and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just five seconds. The battery can take you up to 60 miles on one charge.

Safety is also important. The InCity comes with front and rear disc brakes with a safety feature called ABS. It has traction control, a system that gives feedback to the rider, and smart lighting for nighttime rides. You can control all these features using Auper’s Intelligent Instrument Cluster (IIC).

The best part is that Auper wants to sell the InCity in Brazil for a low price. They plan to offer it for less than 18,000 Brazilian real, which is about $5,000. There will also be a version with a bigger battery that can go up to 230 kilometers (144 miles), and it will cost around $7,500.