Meet GiGi EV: The Electric Wonder GiGi EV is a brand-new electric car made by GuGo Motors, a newcomer in Pakistan’s car market. In the world of electric cars, GiGi EV stands out because it’s stylish, efficient, and packed with high-tech features.

GiGi EV’s Power and Performance Under the hood, GiGi EV has some serious power:

  • Motor Power/Max Torque: It has a motor with 30 kW (like having 40HP) and 100 N.m torque.
  • Battery Type/Capacity: It uses a special battery with 16.8 kWhr capacity (like having 112VDC).
  • Charging Power/Rate: It takes around 4-5 hours for a full charge, and in just one hour, you can go 40 km.
  • NEDC Range/Max. Speed: It can travel a good distance on one charge and goes pretty fast.

Easy Driving with Automatic Transmission GiGi EV is user-friendly with its automatic transmission. It makes driving smooth, whether you’re experienced or a beginner.

GiGi EV’s Comfortable Ride: Chassis and Suspension Driving GiGi EV is easy because of its design:

  • Driving Type: It’s rear-wheel drive, which means it’s easy to control.
  • Wheel: The wheels are stylish Aluminum Alloy (145/60 R13).
  • Suspension: It has a comfortable Front MacPherson independent suspension and Rear Multi-link non-independent suspension.

Staying Safe with Advanced Features Safety is a top priority for GiGi EV. It has many advanced safety features like:

  • Air Bag: There’s an airbag for the driver.
  • Power Cut Protection in Collision: This feature keeps you safe in unexpected situations.
  • Safety Belt Warning: It reminds you to wear your seatbelt.
  • Additional Features: It has lots of extra safety features like ABS + EBD, ESP/ESC, EBA/BAS/BA, ASR/TCS/TEC, ARB, Auto-hold Brake, EDR, Reverse Camera, TPM, Parking Radar, and Anti-Theft Mechanism with Remote Control.

Smart and Comfortable Interior GiGi EV not only performs well but also makes your ride enjoyable:

  • Sun Visor: The driver gets a double visor with a makeup mirror.
  • Steering Wheel: It has a versatile steering wheel for easy control.
  • Climate Control: You can have a comfy ride with efficient climate control.

Cool Tech and Media Features Stay connected and entertained with GiGi EV’s tech features:

  • Electronic Shift/Mode: You can pick between Economy and Sport modes for a personalized driving experience.
  • Infotainment System: It has a big 8.8-inch display for tech-savvy drivers.

Going Green with GiGi EV GiGi EV is not just a car; it’s a step toward a greener future:

  • On-Board AC Charging: You can charge it conveniently while on the go.
  • Charging Cable: It comes with easy access to charging cables.
  • Charging Status Display: You can keep an eye on your charging progress.
  • Power Management Display: It helps you use power efficiently.
  • Charging Port Cover Open Reminder: A thoughtful feature for your convenience.
  • Smart Charging 12V: It’s all about efficiency and innovation.

In summary, GiGi EV isn’t an ordinary car; it’s a cool, efficient, and safe electric vehicle designed for your comfort and the future of our planet.