Changan Master Motors is joining the current price reduction trend by lowering the prices of its cars. They’ve announced new, lower rates for Alsvin, Oshan X7, and M9 Sherpa models. However, Karvaan prices remain the same. These new prices will be in effect starting November 1, 2023.

Changan Alsvin Prices: Let’s look at the new prices for Changan Alsvin models.

  • The base Alsvin 1.3L M/T Comfort variant will now cost Rs. 3,799,000, which is Rs. 350,000 less than its previous price of Rs. 4,149,000.
  • The price of Alsvin 1.5L DCT Comfort has also been reduced by Rs. 350,000, making it now priced at Rs. 4,349,000 instead of the old price of Rs. 4,699,000.
  • The top-of-the-line Alsvin 1.5L DCT AT Lumiere variant now costs Rs. 4,549,000, a decrease of Rs. 450,000 from the previous rate of Rs. 4,999,000.

Changan Oshan Prices: Here are the new prices for Changan Oshan X7 models.

  • Changan Oshan X7 Comfort variant is now priced at Rs. 8,299,000, down by Rs. 250,000 from the previous rate of Rs. 8,549,000.
  • The price of Oshan X7 FutureSense has also decreased by Rs. 250,000, making it now priced at Rs. 8,949,000 instead of the old price of Rs. 9,199,000.

Changan M9 Price: Changan Sherpa (M9) has seen a price reduction of Rs. 350,000, and it will now cost Rs. 2,179,000 instead of the previous price of Rs. 2,529,000.

This price reduction is primarily due to the increase in the value of the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) against the US Dollar (USD). Local car companies are passing on these benefits to the customers. Recently, other car manufacturers like Kia, MG, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai in Pakistan have also announced price reductions. It’s expected that more companies will follow this trend soon. This is great news for consumers because car prices have been steadily rising in the past few years and were becoming unaffordable.