Discover Honda’s Cool Concepts and Eco-Friendly Cars at the Show

Honda’s Showcase at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Honda has brought a variety of exciting things to the Japan Mobility Show 2023. They’re showing cars, bikes, robots, and even an aircraft. The star of the show is the new Prelude, a concept sports car they plan to make.

Eco-Friendly Innovations

Honda has more surprises in store. The Sustaina-C Concept is a small, eco-friendly car made from recycled materials. It looks a bit like the Honda e but has a boxy shape. They’ve also created a small electric bike called the Pocket Concept from the same eco-friendly material. Additionally, there’s the SC e: Concept, an electric city scooter that charges quickly.

Self-Driving Innovation

The Honda CI-MEV is a small electric car designed for two people, and it can drive itself. This is especially helpful for people who have difficulty moving around. It might compete with small cars and quadricycles, although we’re not sure if Honda will produce it.

Beyond Vehicles: Jet, Flying Car, and More

Honda’s display goes beyond cars and bikes. They’ve showcased a model of a small business jet called the HondaJet Elite II and a model of an electric flying car known as the Honda eVTOL. They’re also working on a gas turbine hybrid system and have introduced a robot called Avatar. You can also explore a balance-controlled mobility device called the Uni-One and a portable power supply device called the Power Exporter e: 6000. Honda offers various electric products that you can power up using the Honda Mobile Power Pack e:.

Get Creative with AI

Lastly, Honda encourages you to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create your “dream project.” You can do this on their special website, and your creations will be displayed at the show. You can even take them home as cards.