Toyota’s Kayoibako: A Multi-Purpose Van for Every Need

Toyota recently displayed a bunch of cool stuff at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. One of the standout items was a small customizable van called the Kayoibako. Toyota thinks this van represents a future where people have more freedom in how they live.

The Kayoibako is an electric van that’s not very big. It has a flexible inside, so it can be used to carry people in wheelchairs, turned into a camper, or used by small businesses for delivering stuff, as a mobile shop, or a shuttle bus.

The name “Kayoibako” comes from those big shipping containers you see at ports, which can be adapted for different uses. The van looks pretty simple from the outside, with a tall shape, a single box-like structure, a front window that’s split in the middle, futuristic lights, sliding doors, and small windows.

We’re not sure if this van is just an idea for the future or if Toyota plans to make something like it. But the research that went into it could help Toyota make better vans in the future.

The inside of the van is 123.1 inches long, 58.5 inches wide, and 56.6 inches tall. This is pretty amazing for a van about the size of a Yaris, which is 157.1 inches long, 70.5 inches wide, and 73 inches tall. The van uses a battery and doesn’t produce any emissions, which is good for the environment.

Toyota showed different versions of the Kayoibako, which shows how it can be changed to fit different needs. One interesting version is a sporty-looking one that’s wheelchair-accessible. It has big wheels, red brake parts, lower suspension, and a black color. There are also pictures of an adventurous camper with equipment on the roof and tires that grip well.

The best part of this van is the inside and how it can be used for different things. Toyota calls it “ultra expandable.” It means you can change the one-seat cabin for business or personal needs. You can add shelves, boxes, or more seats in the cargo area. There’s also clever software that makes it part of smart systems that help with electricity and other things in our society.