VinFast Considers Bringing Compact EV to the U.S.

VinFast is actively researching the demand and potential for the VF3 model in the U.S., following positive feedback from their dealers. Further details will be revealed in due time.

The VinFast VF3, which was first unveiled in June, is a compact and boxy two-door vehicle with a shorter length of 122.6 inches, making it about 10 inches shorter than a similar vehicle co-developed by GM with its Chinese partners SAIC and Wuling, called the Baojun Yep.

Duke Hale, an adviser to VinFast, mentioned that they presented a life-size foam model of the VF3 to prospective dealers during meetings in Tampa, Florida, and Dallas, Texas. The response from the attending dealers was overwhelmingly in favor of the VF3, with almost 100 percent approval, primarily because of its expected sub-$20,000 price point.

Recently, VinFast, Vietnam’s first automaker, shifted from a direct-to-consumer model to a hybrid retail approach that includes franchised dealerships. They are in the process of selecting dealers across the USA and have already recruited 27 dealers in a dozen states to sell their electric vehicles (EVs).

VinFast has not disclosed the VF3’s price in Vietnam but intends to make it affordable for the masses. The company believes the tiny EV has the potential to become the new “national vehicle” for the Vietnamese people, with sales expected to commence in Vietnam next year and deliveries starting in the third quarter of 2024.

VinFast, the Vietnamese automaker, is exploring the idea of adding a fifth vehicle to its upcoming U.S. lineup. Surprisingly, this potential addition is the VinFast VF3, a mini crossover not originally designed for the U.S. market. VinFast representatives have suggested that the VF3, created for the Vietnamese market, might find a place in the U.S. as an affordable city car targeting budget-conscious Americans.

In Vietnam, VinFast’s most affordable vehicle currently is the larger subcompact VF6, starting at around $28,000. If the VF3 arrives in the U.S. with a sub-$20,000 price, it would become the most affordable EV in America by a significant margin.

VinFast’s U.S. lineup already includes four confirmed models, all crossovers: the mid-size VF8, which is already available in California, the slightly larger three-row VF9 starting at $83,000, the VF6 subcompact, and the VF7 compact. The automaker is also building a factory in North Carolina to produce some of these vehicles.