Kia Pakistan reduced their car prices on October 6, 2023, because the Pakistani Rupee became stronger compared to the US Dollar. They were the first to announce this price drop.

Lucky Motor Corporation (LMC) said that the news about Kia lowering car prices on social media is false. As of October 28, Kia hadn’t reduced car prices in Pakistan.

Pak Suzuki faced a similar situation with a fake message about price cuts circulating on social media. Kia clarified that people should rely on their official page for accurate information about prices, rules, and other matters.

Here is the Statement;

We would like to inform all our Kia customers that there has been a fake notification showing price changes effective 28th October, 2023 circulating across social media.
Therefore, in the interest of our customers, we would request you to only visit Kia Motors Pakistan’s verified page for latest updates and authentic information pertaining to price, policy and all other matters.