Strong Demand Spurs Toyota to Bring Prius Back to the UK

When Toyota introduced the fifth-generation Prius, people were really excited because it performed well and looked cool like a concept car. But in the UK, folks were sad because they couldn’t buy this hybrid car. However, there’s good news now.

Last year, Toyota took the Prius out of the UK because people in the country like SUVs and crossovers more. But things have changed. Many people want hybrid cars, so Toyota is bringing the new Prius back to the UK. We don’t know exactly why they changed their minds, but it’s great news for people who want fuel-efficient and stylish cars.

The new Prius comes in two types globally: a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. In Europe, they only sell the plug-in hybrid version. It has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor in the front that together make 220 horsepower. The 13.6 kWh battery can power the car for up to 53 miles using only electricity, according to local tests.

This fifth-generation Prius is much better than the last one. Toyota made it with nicer materials and better technology inside to make it more comfortable for the owners.

But, these improvements also mean it’s more expensive. In Germany, the new Prius starts at €45,290, which is not cheap for a car its size. Still, Toyota thinks enough people want hybrid cars to make it worth selling.

And there’s evidence to support this idea. A report from S&P Global said that hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars made up 10 percent of all car sales in the world for two out of the last three months. This shows that people all over the world really like electric cars.