GAC’s Aion S Max: Affordable and Stylish Electric Transportation

GAC, a car company in China, has launched a new electric sedan called the Aion S Max. It’s important to know that Aion is a brand for New Energy Vehicles (NEV) under GAC New Energy.

The Aion S Max is based on the Aion Plus platform but with a longer body and different style. The GAC Aion S sedan first came to the Chinese market in 2019 as the second model for the brand. They kept updating it, and in 2021, the Aion S Plus sedan also came to China.

In terms of size, the Aion S Max is 4,863 mm long, 1,890 mm wide, and 1,515 mm tall. The space between the wheels is 2,760 mm. For comparison, the Toyota Corolla we have is 4,620 mm long with a 2,700 mm space between the wheels.

The Aion S Max comes in 5 different versions. The first four have a 204-hp electric motor in the front. The car can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. The top version of the Aion S Max has a stronger 245-hp electric motor and can reach 0 to 100 km/h in only 6.8 seconds.

Inside, the Aion S Max has a new center console with small air vents. The middle part has two places to charge devices without wires and a covered storage area. Like many new electric cars from China, the gear selector is behind the steering wheel. The inside can have different colors depending on the version, and there’s cool mood lighting.

As for the space inside, the front seats can fold down to make a bed. GAC says there’s a lot of room for legs (960 mm) and head (965 mm). Other things inside the S Max are heated and cooled front seats, a Face-ID sensor, a big roof window, and 11 speakers.

There are two choices for the battery. The first one has 59.5 kWh and can go 510 km according to WLTC standards. The second one is 69.7 kWh and can go 610 km according to WLTC. The car also has a function that can use its battery to power other things.

Both the Aion S and S Plus models were sold together in China. In 2023, they sold a total of 182,230 Aion S series sedans. Now, the new Aion S Max sedan has come out to replace the Aion S Plus.

The Aion S Max is a lot like a fancy version of the S Plus. The front has split headlights with four LED bars. The front bumper has a smaller air opening with diagonal lines. The side of the car has smooth door handles and fancy wheels, and the back has a thin LED strip across the trunk door.

The new GAC Aion S Max is priced from 149,900 yuan (about $20,500) for the basic version and goes up to 202,900 yuan (about $27,730) for the fanciest one.