Expanding Digital Parking in Islamabad

The MCI official explained that this system will be a partnership between the government and a private company. The private company will install the whole system and share the money made from it.

They will set up a parking management information system. This system will change how people pay for parking in the city.

In the next part of the plan, they will make more places in the city digital. They also tried to auction the F-9 parking fee collection, but no company showed interest in it.

The DMA department has asked for companies that work with technology and finance to show their interest in this project. At first, they will focus on popular places in Islamabad like F-9 Park, Lake View, and the Centaurus Parking area.

They will also make the parking at G-9 Public Transport and Kohsar Market digital. The parking fees for two plazas in F-7 will also be done this way.

The Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) plans to make the process of paying for public parking more modern and convenient. They are going to use technology to do this.

Importantly, the parking fees won’t go up. The cost will be the same as it is now, which is Rs. 30 for bikes and Rs. 50 for cars, just like the current rates set by MCI.