Porsche’s High-Tech Transformation with Google’s Help

Porsche is teaming up with Google to make their cars more high-tech. This means that in the future, Porsche cars will have a system that makes it easy to use Google Assistant, Google Maps, and even apps from the Google Play Store. This is good news because it will allow Porsche drivers to use popular apps like Amazon Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio in their cars.

The Chairman of Porsche, Oliver Blume, said that customers not only want great car design and performance but also a smooth digital experience. He explained that this new partnership with Google will make it easier for people to use technology they’re already familiar with.

Porsche didn’t give all the details, but they said that most of the changes will be behind the scenes, so the way the car works will feel familiar to customers. However, they promised that the new system will have better features like using your voice to control things, sending text messages by speaking, and having Google Maps built in.

A person from Google, Hiroshi Lockheimer, added that they are excited to work with Porsche to bring the latest Google tech to cars while keeping Porsche’s style.

Porsche also mentioned that they are open to working with other companies in the future to bring more useful features into their cars.