Chinese Company Helps Revive Lahore’s E-Challan Cameras

The e-challan system is back up and running in Lahore after a one-year break. Authorities are now taking action against vehicles that break the e-challan rules.

You’ll get an e-challan if you don’t follow the traffic rules, like running red lights, not staying in your lane, crossing stop lines, or speeding.

The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) is using cameras to watch for people who break one-way traffic rules and vehicles that release smoke.

It’s important to know that in September, the authorities started working on getting the digital fine system back. Before that, the traffic police used manual fines because over 30% of PSCA’s cameras in the city were not working.

In June, the Punjab government made a deal with a Chinese company to fix these cameras. Last month, the Punjab Transport Department (PTD) also said they would start using digital fines for traffic violations in the province.