Modellista Adds Sporty Style to Toyota Crown Sedan

The new Toyota Crown Sedan had its big debut today in Japan. The car experts at Modellista were quick to add some sporty style to it. They went for a more elegant look this time, matching the traditional design of the car.

Modellista’s upgrades for the electric Toyota include a front splitter, side skirts, and rear bumper extensions, all with chrome details. These changes give the car a sleek and dynamic appearance. They also added a body-colored ducktail rear spoiler and mirror caps with tasteful chrome touches. But the real highlight is the 21-inch alloy wheels with a shiny two-tone finish and a multi-layer five-spoke design.

The subtle body kit makes the Crown sedan look more exciting, at least until the Gazoo Racing team creates a high-performance version. You can get the new Crown with a 2.5-liter multi-stage hybrid engine or a hydrogen FCEV from the Mirai.

Just like other Modellista products, the Crown sedan gets branded license plate bolts, door handle protectors, tinted windows, and a sunshade. They even offer a cool seat cushion that can be used as a stylish tote bag, which is also available for the Toyota Crown Sport SUV.

As for the prices, the complete aero kit costs ¥333,300 (about $2,218), but the set of 21-inch wheels is pricier at ¥673,200 (about $4,480). The other accessories are more budget-friendly, like the “smart cushion tote bag” for ¥9,900 (about $66).