“Challenges in the Auto Market” Rising car prices and strict lending regulations have created challenges for customers and car manufacturers. Lucky and Honda have responded to these challenges with unique financing plans that break away from tradition.

“A Customer-Focused Approach” Muhammad Faisal, President of Automotive at Lucky Motors, and Amir Nazir, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Honda, both emphasize that their focus is on the customer. They understand that many people find it hard to afford cars, and these innovative plans aim to make car ownership less financially burdensome.

“Savings for Customers” Customers can save a significant amount of money with these financing plans, with potential savings ranging from Rs 7.9 lakh to Rs 17.9 lakh, depending on the model. This not only attracts customers but also helps manufacturers clear their surplus inventory.

“Future Possibilities” While the long-term sustainability of this financing model is uncertain, Lucky and Honda’s experiment could reshape the industry if they use the insights gained during this pilot phase.

“Lucky Motors and Honda Offer Affordable Car Financing” Lucky Motors and Honda have introduced new car financing plans that are changing the way people buy cars. These plans offer zero-interest options for popular models like the KIA Sorento, Peugeot 2008 Allure, Honda BR-V, and Honda HR-V, making it easier for car enthusiasts to own their dream cars.

“Taking Inspiration from Two-Wheelers” Lucky and Honda are leading the way in car financing, taking inspiration from the two-wheeler market where customer financing is common. Their goal is to make car ownership more affordable and accessible for everyone.

“Zero-Interest Plans Stand Out” Unlike the two-wheeler industry, where high markups are common, Lucky and Honda offer zero-interest plans with 12 to 24-month repayment options. These plans help customers save money on financing, which is especially important in today’s tough economic times.

Credit: Pakwheels.com