From Wood to Wheels: Realistic Wooden Cybertruck and Cyberquad

The wooden Tesla Cybertruck is even larger than their previous wooden car builds, like the Lamborghini Sian and Bugatti Centodieci, which makes it look even more realistic.

These wooden creations come from a YouTube channel called ND – Woodworking Art. They have around 2.62 million subscribers and make wooden cars and bikes. It seems they do it for the guy’s son, who probably has a collection of around 1,000 wooden vehicles by now. But it might also be a clever way to get more views on YouTube, as the algorithm likes repetitive content.

What’s even more amazing is that inside this wooden Cybertruck, you’ll find a detailed wooden dashboard, a steering wheel that looks like a yoke, a center console, and seats that match the style of the real Cybertruck. The back of the wooden truck is big enough to carry the wooden Cyberquad. It can roll onto the truck bed using an extendable tailgate that turns into a ramp.

The process took about 100 days. It started with a metal frame, followed by adding wheels, suspension, a battery pack, and an electric motor to make it functional and eco-friendly. Making the boxy shape of the Cybertruck from wood might seem easier than a fancy sports car, but it still requires a lot of attention to detail to get all the panels right. In fact, this wooden Cybertruck has tighter body panels than the real one, showing off the builder’s skills. The bumpers, fenders, and side sills are made from darker wood, creating a nice contrast with the lighter main body. The builder didn’t miss any details – there are replicas of wheel covers, mirrors, functional LEDs, and even dark-tinted transparent panels for the windshield and roof.

While Tesla faces challenges in making the Cybertruck, a skilled woodworker from Vietnam has already crafted his own wooden version. This wooden Cybertruck is impressive, complete with a detailed exterior and interior. The woodworker even made a wooden Cyberquad to go with it, making a fantastic pair of wooden vehicles.

After all the hard work of carving and assembling every piece, they took the wooden EVs for a test drive to prove their durability and quality. Keep in mind that the wooden Cybertruck can’t be driven on the street legally and can only go at low speeds. It was never meant to be a real car in the first place.

This fantastic piece of woodwork was made as a gift for Elon Musk. At the end of the video, ND – Woodworking Art offers it to the Tesla CEO, hoping he’ll see the tag on X (formerly Twitter) and appreciate the illuminated X emblem on the doors.