Ami Car: Slow and Steady with Style

Citroen’s small car, the Ami, has sold 43,000 units in two years, even though it’s not very fast. It only has 8 horsepower and can go up to 28 miles per hour. Some people like it just the way it is.

The new Ami Pop has dark headlamp bezels at the front. They go with the other front parts of the car. We’ve seen something similar on other Ami models, but this is the first time it’s available on the Ami Pop. Once you see the new face, the old version without the bezels looks strange, like seeing Enzo Ferrari without his famous sunglasses.

But some Ami buyers want to look stylish even if they’re not speeding. So, Citroen made a special Ami Pop version. It has things like shiny wheel covers that look like alloy wheels, a black stripe under the windshield, black front and rear bumpers, and a small spoiler on the back that doesn’t really do much. It also has some cool graphics on the doors and side panels.

This year’s Ami Pop keeps all those features but makes the graphics more colorful with some yellow added. There’s also a yellow hook inside the car. These changes aren’t very big, but there’s one more thing that really changes the Ami’s look.

Citroen also made some practical changes to the Ami. They moved the gear selector from the door sill to the center console to make it easier to use. This change puts the selector next to the important USB socket and ventilation controls. Other Ami versions will get this change in early 2024.