Going Backward at 171 MPH: The Nevera’s Unbelievable Record

The Nevera is a super-fast electric car, and it already has 23 world records. That’s a lot! But they just achieved something even more amazing.

They didn’t set a record by driving forward; they did it by going backward. They reached an incredible speed of 171.34 mph (275.74 km/h) at a testing facility in Germany.

Usually, cars have a limit on how fast they can go in reverse because it can be dangerous. Even without a limit, it’s tough to go fast backward because of the way cars are built. But the Nevera is different. It’s an electric car with a single gear for both forward and backward. This means it could go really fast in either direction.

The CEO of the company, Mate Rimac, said, “We thought it would be fun to try going fast in reverse. Our tests showed we could go over 150 mph, but we weren’t sure how stable it would be.”

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, some cars with a special kind of transmission could go quite fast backward, but what the Nevera did was on a whole new level.

The driver, Goran Drndak, said it was a bit strange at first. He had to look backward while driving at high speed, and it felt like heavy braking. But the Nevera handled it really well and set another record.

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