Italian Flair Meets Aussie Innovation: Vmoto’s Scooter Surprise

Scooters are usually not as exciting to look at as really fast bikes, but sometimes, there are cool exceptions. Like the Vmoto APD Concept—it’s a scooter that first appeared at the EICMA Show in Italy. What’s special about it? Well, it caught our eye right away with its cool and futuristic design made by Pininfarina, an Italian design company.

Vmoto, the company that made this scooter, is from Perth, Australia. But interestingly, they make their bikes in Nanjing, China. For this new scooter, they teamed up with Pininfarina, and the result is pretty awesome. The scooter you see is like a sneak peek—a preview of what Vmoto might sell in the near future.

This collaboration started with a “vision” study shown at last year’s EICMA show. Now, the new scooter concept gives us a glimpse of what cool things might be coming to Vmoto’s lineup soon. Exciting, right?