Ford’s Powerful Mustang Dark Horse Revives in China

The Ford Mustang Dark Horse is making a comeback in China, bringing the powerful V8 engine back to the region. The previous Mustang in China, from 2015, had a V8 engine option, but it was removed in 2020 due to strict emission rules. Now, with the new seventh-gen model, the V8 is returning, especially in the flagship Dark Horse version.

On Ford’s Chinese website, you can already find info about the Dark Horse, and interested folks can click “subscribe now” to stay updated. The Chinese version might have slight style changes, like a new front and different wheel arches to follow local rules. Inside, there could be changes to the tech, possibly using local software, and the seats might be regular instead of sporty.

Under the hood, the Chinese Dark Horse will have the same powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine as the US version. However, it’s said to only come with an automatic gearbox, not the manual option available in North America. The first Chinese Dark Horse Mustangs are expected to hit the roads around mid-2024. Prices are yet to be announced.